Character Introduction – Ronnie Regal, Gino Guard


Ronnie Regal and Gino Guard are the slick, seemingly clean-cut faces of Regal Guard, Golden Egg securities biggest and newest rival. Regal Guard is a modern security company, that uses state of the art gadgets and machinery to do the same job that Chuck and the gang do the old fashioned way, but in double the time. However, Ronnie and Gino’s company is just a crafty cover to get their hands on the citizens of Rocky Perch’s valuables. But first, they have to make sure Golden Egg Securities closes down, by any means necessary. Stealing customers, sabotaging missions and discrediting them at every available opportunity, there’s nothing these two villains won’t do to get rid of their rivals. Ronnie the Eagle, and Gino the buzzard, both carry Gum guns that fire globs of sticky gum, enabling them to stick their enemies to the spot.